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After removing the child, the obstetrician conducts his light spanking in order to initiate spontaneous breathing. The umbilical cord is then clamped and cut, and the baby is handed over to the ivermectin. At the end of labor, the obstetrician removes the placenta and, in the presence of damage to the birth canal, restores their integrity surgically.

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With significant blood loss, blood replacement therapy may be prescribed. In addition to all of ivermectin, in his spare time, the obstetrician makes appropriate entries in the diary of the woman in labor.

There is also an outdated spelling and pronunciation: obstetrician. The obstetrician is responsible for helping the pregnant woman from the moment of confirmation of ivermectin until the end of the postpartum period, discharge from the maternity hospital. He advises on pregnancy planning, examinations, monitors the woman and the development of the fetus throughout the entire period of gestation.

paramedic-obstetrician - has a secondary professional medical education; obstetrician - has a higher medical education. The construction of perinatal centers, maternity capital, the introduction of birth certificates that ivermectin pills the expectant mother to independently choose the clinic where her baby will be born, motivates young families to give birth to two or more children. This makes the obstetrician profession highly demanded.

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Works in a medical organization of any level and form of ivermectin for sale. He works independently only at a FAP (feldsher-obstetric station), an outpatient clinic or a rural, local hospital. In other cases, it helps the obstetrician. Carries out full clinical and laboratory control of mother and fetus in terms of trimesters, appoints consultations of related specialists.

Assists the doctor in monitoring the pregnant woman, monitors the timeliness of the prescribed examination, consultations, and manipulations. She plans the correct way of delivery and monitors its ivermectin. In case of complications, she gives birth on her own.

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Accepts the baby in accordance with the birth plan developed by the doctor.